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A community for aromantic asexuals to connect and discuss, in whatever depth, aromanticism.
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PostSubject: hi!   hi! Icon_minitimeMon Aug 23, 2010 12:03 pm

Hiya, I'm Cilas from the AVEN forum.

Like many others, I consider myself to be an Aromantic Asexual.

Long story short, I've always known that I was different somehow. Granted, I think I'm one of the lukier ones since during High School my friends were never too focused on getting a girlfriend/boyfriend (or at the very least, if they did, they never shoved it down my throat) and I had an enjoyable time just having fun. Still, looking around in films and movies does make a stark contrast, and when i got older, I began to realise that I didn/t want to date or follow the rituals and protocols associated with the notion of romance

oh, I'm also Aussie =D
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