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 Welcome Everyone from the Southeast!

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Welcome Everyone from the Southeast! Empty
PostSubject: Welcome Everyone from the Southeast!   Welcome Everyone from the Southeast! Icon_minitimeMon Jul 13, 2015 6:51 am

Hiya, so long time drifter in the AVEN world.  Figured I need to start getting involved in the community.  I'm a female, very much heteroromantic/family dreaming... but asexual.  I've tried traditional dating, which is rewarding in a way (meet some great ppl), but I've always gotten to a point in which it's just not fair to a heterosexual partner.   Sad   Well... in my opinion, I get that it might work for some.

Are there asexual meet ups for coffee and such in the Southeast USA?  If not, are there meet ups (causal in the US) or international meet ups?  I'd love to try to kindle a relationship with a like minded guy.   Very Happy

Is there an asexual dating app? The only one I've tracked down so far is Wing Ma'am (you can self identify as asexual) but seems mostly for lesbian/gay relationships and you HAVE to link to your Facebook.  Anything I've learned from just OKCupid is you don't want to gift all one time dates access to your Facebook/twitter/journals...  

Thanks for reading!

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Welcome Everyone from the Southeast!
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