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PostSubject: Paper Heart   Paper Heart Icon_minitimeThu Sep 09, 2010 12:34 pm

Has anybody heard of or seen this (I think Independent) film?

If you want to see the trailer for it click here

basically, it's a pseudo - documentary (the interviews are real, the rest I think is fiction) about love, or should I say romance, to be more specific.

It's films like this which make me wish that the subject could be dealt with with more justice than it is at present. I think most people could see the ending from a mile away (at least I could) and though I wasn't disappointing, that was only because I knew that when it comes to film, I didn't have faith in the writers/directors to be bold and different. If only people like us were involved, I know that the movie would have gone differently (I know I would, if I was the interviewer myself)

In any case, what are your thoughts?

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PostSubject: Re: Paper Heart   Paper Heart Icon_minitimeThu Sep 09, 2010 1:32 pm

Evil or Very Mad Why, why is it so bad for people to be single?! Why do we have to be paired up with someone?! Why?! *ranting dissolves into unintelligible grumbles*
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